We advise on a well-defined array of investment banking transactions, including:

Driving Optimal Transaction Results

For the bulk of our client engagements we provide sell-side M&A and capital-raising advisory services.  The substantial value that we add in providing these services is based upon our expertise in:

  • Creating the competitive tension necessary to drive potential buyers and investors to put forth and negotiate their best terms, and then
  • Working with the winner (and its various advisors) to expeditiously close the transaction.

We provide the guidance and manpower necessary to create the competitive tension and execute these crucial and challenging transactions for our clients.  Meanwhile, our clients can focus on their expertise – managing their businesses to generate the best possible financial results during the course of the transaction process.

We’re experts in orchestrating the steps necessary to create competitive market tension and drive the best terms, which may include:

  • Researching related industries and markets
  • Determining potential investors or buyers
  • Writing marketing materials and documents that properly position our client
  • Preparing due diligence documents and files
  • Initiating senior-level discussions with potential investors and buyers
  • Soliciting preliminary offers
  • Orchestrating management presentations
  • Developing a competitive marketplace for final bids
  • Negotiating final terms

After the transaction terms are set, we help our clients interact with the various lawyers, accountants and other advisors necessary to swiftly close the transaction. Triangle also takes great care to maintain confidentiality throughout the entire process, avoiding potential business issues or disruptions in relationships with customers, vendors and employees.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide M&A financial advisory services for both Sell-side and Buy-side transactions.

Sell-side M&A

Sell-side M&A transactions are at the core of the value-added services provided by Triangle.  The sale of a privately-owned company is often the single most important transaction undertaken by the founders and shareholders; and often the most daunting. Every client’s situation and goals are unique.  We collaborate with the owners, board members and management teams of our client companies to develop a customized, in-depth process for reaching their goals. The scope of our work has ranged from resolving family-business succession issues, to recapitalizing a company with an outside private equity group, to the sale of 100 percent of the stock or assets to a strategic buyer.

Buy-side M&A

A buy-side M&A assignment typically comes in two forms: the client has identified acquisition criteria or the client has identified a specific target. In the former, we will work with our clients to establish a methodology for selecting and approaching target companies.  Once we have engaged a target company in discussions, the process becomes very similar to a target-identified buy-side assignment.  We utilize market knowledge, valuation capabilities, and transaction processing skills to assist our clients in negotiating final terms and executing a targeted acquisition.  Our extensive M&A experience enables us to establish credibility with the target company and to effectively deal with issues that can undermine the completion of the transaction.


We advise clients on raising growth-capital, financing acquisitions and executing recapitalizations.  We also work with companies seeking to structure and finance employee-led buyouts and ownership transactions that fall under Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP).

These financings often entail the private placement of equity and equity-linked instruments as well as subordinated and senior debt.

Both our M&A and Financing engagements dictate that we are in constant contact with the investment community.  As a result, we have developed exceptionally strong relationships with potential investors and lenders involved throughout the entire capital spectrum, including:

  • Strategic Corporations
  • Private Equity Groups
  • Family Offices
  • Hedge Funds
  • Venture Capital Firms
  • Mezzanine Lenders
  • Commercial Banks
  • Other Institutional Investors and Lenders

Our relationships enable us to provide upfront market intelligence that is valuable in determining the best capital sources and transaction process.

Fairness Opinions

We provide fairness opinions to public companies.  Often these services are provided in connection with M&A transactions, but the need for fairness opinions also arises from regulatory, dispute resolution and other issues.

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